Review: Hello Flavour Influenster Box

I got the opportunity to receive the Hello Flavour Sample box complimentary from Influenster for testing. All the opinions in this post are my own.

Lately, Influenster has been sending me make-up samples and with my decline of wearing makeup it was getting a little annoying reviewing things I really don’t use on a regular basis. So, getting a box of spices was a breathe of fresh air because I love love LOVE cooking and of course it’s no secret I am an avid baker.


In the box I got some kitchen staples: Cinnamon and Allspice, and some new things to try: Harissa and Black Garlic.

The box came with some recommended recipes, I decided to give the Harissa chocolate cupcakes a try. The recipe seemed like a pretty solid chocolate cake recipe just with the spice. I was curious to see how this spice that I would typically use on chicken will pan out in a chocolate cupcake…


As expected, the batter was a nice texture that mixed and scooped well. It didn’t quite make the 24 cupcakes but I made a few of them a little big. After they cooled I decked them out with my own homemade icing and some red sugar to symbolize the kick in the cupcake.


The Verdict: the initial bite isn’t bad, you just taste chocolate. However, then the aftertaste comes and it’s a disgusting sour mess. I made it through 2 bites of the cupcake and gave up. I thought that since I’m not a huge fan of eating sweets, it may have just been my taste buds so I got my boyfriend to try one when he got home. Same verdict, they were gross.

At this point it was a challenge for me to find someone who actually liked this cupcake. I brought them to work the next day and got all 6 of my coworkers to try one. Each person had one bite, and then proceeded to lick off the icing before disposing of the cupcake. (At least my icing is good baha)

To summarize: These cupcakes were gross. I tried to like then, I tried to find someone who liked them but the end result was these cupcakes ending up in the green bin.

I bet that spice in something appropriate would be delicious, it smelled great in the package. I’m disappointed that I wasted my sample in those cupcakes.

Next up I tried the Black Garlic Spice

I’ve cooked with real black garlic in the past, it has a very unique texture and flavor to it so I was very curious if this spice would be able to hold it’s own. The recommended recipe was to make a sauce for ice cream………………….. After the cupcake incident I decided to use one of my own recipes to try out the spice.

I chose one of my favorite cook books: The Bobs Burgers Burger Cook Book!


I chose to make the “Bet it all on Black Garlic Burger” I’ve tried it with the real black garlic and it was indeed… Exceptional Mouth Feels…..

Bet it all on black garlic burger

Instead of using real black garlic, I substituted the package of spice in the mayonnaise. I also had to adjust the greens to kale just due to availability at the market.


The Verdict: ……. Exceptional Mouth Feels. Now it’s definitely not as good as the real thing BUT for a dried spice it did capture the unique smell and taste of the black garlic without the mess of dealing with the actual garlic.

I will buy this spice, this is definitely a new staple in my spice cabinet.


I didn’t go into depths for the Cinnamon and Allspice because I think we all know what those spices are like and what recipes they work the best with. I am so relieved that I used my own recipe to test the black garlic as opposed to the recommended one because I would have been quite disappointed if both samples were wasted.

I get it that Hello Flavour is trying to have innovative and different recipes… But I would think they would make and test out a recipe before promoting it? Just my thought on it.

4 Unique Boxed Lunches

Sometimes you just can't stand the thought of just another ham and cheese sandwich. So here are 5 delicious and different boxed lunch ideas to make you look forward to lunch again!

I come from the generation where parents only seemed to know how to make bland, soggy sandwiches. I still have friends who can't stand the sight of ham and cheese on white bread. So to help the next generation of parents not raise children with a phobia of ham and cheese here are 5 unique (and not difficult) ideas for school lunches or even your work lunch. 

1. Vegetable and Cheese Skewers

Mix it up with some ham or pepperoni as well to make a snack worth waiting for! One of my favorite summer meals is kabobs on the BBQ and honestly I know that a vast majority of that comes from the love of cooking AND eating of things on a stick. 

2. Ham and Cheese Croissants

These are incredible. Hands down delicious and you will be craving them at 9:30 am knowing they're in your lunch waiting for you. Whether you just bought pre-made croissant dough or took the time to make your own, this will become a new favorite.

3. Chicken Wrap

This one comes with a story: these things are so simple to make yet my coworkers and I were purchasing these at $8 a piece down at the cafe in our office building (mind you they were huge), when for half the cost and a couple minutes in the evening we could be making them ourselves for a fraction of the cost. Grab some chicken strips from the grocery store or make your own (Recipe Here) and compliment with with your favorite sauces (mine is sweet and spicy) or aioli to make it your own.

4. Chicken Fajita Bowl

My coworkers often make fun of me when I pack nothing but a salad for lunch "friends don't let friends eat salad" .. Apparently. So I blew them away with my fajita bowl! Equipped with a spicy bed of rice, peppers, onions, cheese and chicken. Topped with homemade salsa (recipe can be found here


Homemade Salsa

Simple and delicious! Also an excuse to pull out my food processor! (Legitimately my favorite appliance after my mixer) Sometimes I choose recipes based on the fact that I just want to use the food processor, also since finding out that Classico pasta is all bottled in mason jars I've been very excited to fill them back up as they get emptied out!

Getting the garlic content just right is important for the flavors get stronger as the salsa sits, so I recommend even the biggest garlic lovers go light on the garlic because it will get better with age.

This delicious salsa adds kick to any dish or appetizer! Alter it to the spiciness that you crave and cater your veggies if you want. I'm a sucker for peppers so I cram as many peppers into my recipe as I can!

Homemade Salsa

Rhubarb Cocktail

Rhubarb Cocktail.jpg

A delicious summer cocktail! Mix with your favorite vodka or with your favorite wine for a summer sangria! I have so much rhubarb in my house right now I don't even know what to do with it all. One thing I knew however is that I DID NOT just want to make multiple pies or muffins... Needed to mix things up! My Nanny had mentioned that her friend had whipped up this treat and she had nothing but amazing things to say about it! (She sadly couldn't remember anything about the ingredients except for the pink lemonade part) but I was able to work with that surprisingly.

Rhubarb Cocktail
Rhubarb Cocktail