7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Rabbit

And 7 reasons why you shouldn’t.

Flemish Giant Rabbits

Bunnies are some of the cutest creatures on the planet! (In my opinion) When I met my boyfriend he came with a little black rabbit and I was immediately in love. When she passed away from old age we really didn’t waste any time to expand our family again. The adoption agency we went through had SO many bunnies to choose from, we chose a bonded pair of Flemish giants Pepper (black one) and Clover (brown one).

With so many adorable bun buns up for adoption I wanted to take some time to talk about these amazing creatures in hopes I can inspire someone to take a bun home. The decision, however, should not be made lightly. Along with reasons to adopt a bunny I will also list off the reasons why someone shouldn’t adopt one.

Clover enjoying a hosta and our cat looking so confused!

Clover enjoying a hosta and our cat looking so confused!

Reasons to Adopt a Rabbit:

  1. You have someone to share your snack with. Want an apple but don’t want to eat the whole thing? No problem, cut it up and share with your bun!

  2. They have unique personalities. The character can be seen very quickly and not one is the same.

  3. Their litter is compostable and will do great things for your garden!

  4. They are clean animals and are easily litter trained.

  5. They are the softest thing you’ll ever touch.

  6. They are very social and won’t ignore you like a cat.

  7. Little lawn mowers! Some supervised outside time is a ton of fun and you get a free (albeit not even) lawn mow and manure!

Overall rabbits are great, however they are a lot of work. Now for some reasons a rabbit may not be for you.

They love chewing on boxes! And using them as houses… And eating their houses.

They love chewing on boxes! And using them as houses… And eating their houses.

Reasons NOT to Adopt a Rabbit:

  1. Maintenance, if you’re not ready to change a litter box daily or every other day, a rabbit may not be for you. They poop A LOT.

  2. If you’re allergic to hay: that’s their main food source.

  3. If you’re busy: Bunnies are very social creatures and can get lonely and depressed if left alone for too long.

  4. If you’re a clean freak…. There’s always shavings and hay everywhere.. Everywhere.

  5. If you have hardwood floor. Bunnies don’t have pads on their feeties like cats do so they can’t get traction on hard floors. Carpet all the way! Also, bunnies do NOT belong in a cage. They need to hop, stretch and roam- give them space! If you’re not ready to let them own your house, a bunny is not for you.

  6. They love cord. They find them. They destroy them.

  7. They can break your heart… We lost miss Clover suddenly due to an inner ear infection. She was gone within 48 hours from when the symptoms started. Even getting her to the vet and getting medication as quick as possible wasn’t enough to stop it. Rabbits also have sensitive tummies and can have issues quite quickly that can be fatal. And we lost Pepper almost as fast 4 months later from suspected kidney failure. You need to be strong to handle the heartbreak.

He looks dead but I promise this means he’s a happy boy!

He looks dead but I promise this means he’s a happy boy!

To summarize: Rabbits are great, but make sure you’re ready for that much poop. And I’m sure as you have seen in my photos, your floor will only be clean for about 20 minutes after you vacuum. A thing to remember as well is that these adorable creatures are prey animals so make sure that any other animals in the house know these cuties are friends not food.

Make them safe, happy and healthy. They’ll thank you with nose boops, flops and the occasional lick and it’s amazing.

Pizza Cake

One of my best friend's birthday just went by, so I got to make him a cake to celebrate! We chose a pizza inspired cake as it's his favorite food.

This post contains affiliate links for some of my favorite products.


It's a 10" chocolate cake with a nice "bread" or crust coloured icing. To get the cheese to look real I stuck a chunk of fondant through a cheese grater. Overall this was an easy cake to make, I am very pleased with how it turned out. It was a perfect addition to our celebrations! 

Halifax Burger Week 2018

One of the reasons I love my city.. It's BURGER WEEK. Every year in Halifax The Coast and other sponsors put on a wonderful event to raise money for Feed Nova Scotia. It's also a great opportunity to explore the local talent of the Halifax restaurant scene.


If you want to take a look at the burgers from last year click here for the 2017 Halifax Burger week review.

This year goes from March 22nd to the 28th, I cleared my schedule of all non-burger related events for the 22nd and the 23rd to take in as much as I could of the 126 restaurants that are participating.

I also have some appropriate apparel for the event.

Halifax Burger week 2018

Day 5- Back to work

Well the dream couldn't last forever, had to head back to the office to pay off my Visa bill. So I needed to get a little more creative with my burger choices, thankfully the burger week lineup has a lovely take-out option to take advantage of!

I did realize very quickly however that consuming that much beef and sitting for 7 hours is NOT a good combination.

The first burger I had was a pleasant surprise! I choose to go to Redwood simply for convenience.. It's right across the street it just made good sense! However I've had sub par food there before so I went in not really sure what to expect. 

It doesn't look like much here but I assure you it was to die for.

It doesn't look like much here but I assure you it was to die for.

The burger is called Maple Mania: A handmade burger patty topped with Canadian cheddar, onion tanglers and bacon. Finished with a pour of their delicious creamy maple sauce. I'm not a big lover of sweets HOWEVER the combination of the syrup and the bacon was absolutely delicious! The bun was also soft and had a hint of sweet, more than likely a brioche bun.


My only critique for here was that they clearly don't do take out very often, the phone is not manned and when I finally gave up (after 4 tries) and attempted to leave a message, their voicemail was full... Thankfully we were able to put in the order in person.

My Second burger of the day was from Bubba Rays. No issue calling in my order or having it ready in a timely manner! Amazing service all around. 

Also, look how adorably they wrapped my sandwich!!

Also, look how adorably they wrapped my sandwich!!

Bubba Ray's made a "Fat boy burger": 6oz patty, montreal smoked meat, Swiss cheese, house made coleslaw and thousand island dressing served on a unique butter-styled bun.


This burger had unique qualities, I was especially excited for the Montreal smoked meat! Unfortunately the coleslaw was the dominant flavor in this sandwich and not much else had a chance to shine. This was a heavy load to take in and I didn't finish it in one shot, interestingly enough it was a bit better cold!

Last burger for today was a much needed break from beef. For meatless Monday we set sail for Cheese curds to have their vegetarian option. 


The burger was a black bean patty wrapped in a spring roll wrapper dressed with carrots, cilantro and sweet onions. I asked for the pickles as I am a fiend for pickles (also note the side of deep fried pickles). This was the first burger I wasn't able to finish- too sweet... I can't do a sweet overload and this was just too much for my little mouth. The deep fried pickles were awesome though.

The service was top notch as well, all the staff is friendly and effecient. I was expecting a huge line when we arrived but it was very manageable and we received our food in record time. It wasn't the best place to go with a party of 15 as the seating area is a bit small but we all found room to sit and enjoy our food.

Day 4- Finishing off the dark side

Sunday we took it easy and stayed close to home. We visited Big Leagues in Cole Harbour for the Italian Job burger: 6-oz Angus beef chuck patty with mozzarella cheese, bruschetta, house-made marinara and lettuce, topped with a balsamic glaze and served on parmesan garlic toast.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job

This burger was very enjoyable, you could taste every ingredient in every bite. Nothing was over powering and nothing got lost in the mix. I'm very happy we stopped here, this was a very pleasant burger. I am also obsessed with the garlic toast, I'm going to be using this in lieu of regular bread and buns more often!!
The service here was very friendly and quick (but not as scary quick as the lions head) I definitely enjoyed everything about this burger.

Day 3- I'm starting to feel full.

My stomach is starting to hate me for all the red meat. For lunch I took a little break and gave my poor gut some chicken.

Mezza has a chicken shawarma burger that was definitely worth trying when you need that breathe of fresh air.

Rotisserie-roasted, thinly sliced all-white chicken, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, house-made pickled turnips and Mezza’s signature garlic sauce.

Halifax burger week 2018

I met a friend and her sister at Mezza downtown Halifax... Thanks to construction and just poor availability of parking it took 20 minutes of driving and cursing before I gave up and ended up in an underground paid parking lot. I was just happy to be over it by that point!
This was a nice break but not without some challenges. The chicken is pre-made and sitting in a tub to dry out, but the tasty garlic sauce and pickles help you forget. You do lose a lot of it in the consumption process.

Halifax burger week 2018

I also had to laugh at the 1/4 head of lettuce that was on my burger! No cares were given when they were chopping baha. I had to grab a fork for this dry extra in my plate.

For dinner I headed to a local establishment. SEAMUS DAVID’S PUB is just a hop skip and a jump from home- I wasn't feeling the restaurant scene after a long few days so I called to see if they'd offer take-out. I was in luck they were very willing to cater to that request.

Halifax burger week 2018

8-oz burger topped with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickle, spicy mayo and a fried egg, served on a sourdough bun. This was a pricier option.. Almost $16 for just the burger but the ingredients they chose were delicious.

Halifax burger week 2018

Although not overly spicy there was a delicious amount of flavor! This was a delicious combination of breakfast favorites. Although my fingers were sticky I certainly recommend thsi burger.


Day 2- Lions Head

I dropped the ball on Friday, there was some adulting tasks I had to take care of that limited my burger adventures. I did however make it to the Lion's Head between commitments. This burger is a juicy Angus beef patty on a sesame bun, topped with nacho chips and mild chili, finished with zesty cheese sauce.
The service was incredibly efficient, they definitely has the patties pre-made as the burger came out in under 5 minutes.

Halifax burger week 2018

This burger was satisfying, the chili added great flavor plus a spicy kick. Unfortunately the burger did not stay with me long (I blame that on the pre-made patty).

Day 1- Dartmouth!

I started hitting the joints at 11am, to my disappointment my first stop (as it's just a hop,skip and a jump from my house) Monte's was not yet serving food... They open at 10am and will serve you liquor but lunch? Pffft no way too early... I'm debating trying again but that experience left a sour taste in my mouth and confirmed Monte's reputation of a slimy dive bar.

Dave Dolittle's Burger week burger

After my disappointing start I headed to Dave Doolittle's on Tacoma Drive for their Delicious Diablo burger. This burger is a 6-oz local lean ground beef with Cajun spices, served up with red onion marmalade, jalapeno havarti cheese, banana peppers, lettuce and tomatoes.

Walking in you get a great local vibe from this place, the server was super friendly and we had a little fun setting up the burger week table topper. While waiting for the burger I over heard a young lady come in and sit at the bar, without skipping a beat one of the bartender's said "your usual hun?" and she immediately responded yes. I thought that was absolutely adorable and so much friendlier than the interactions I saw between the bartender and the drunks at Monte's... This place gets lots of points for service! Also... People actually frequent a bar often enough to have a usual outside of a TV show?! Amazing.

The burger was a spicy delight! The bun was soft and the patty was definitely hand made. The only critique I have is the bun was a bit larger than the patty, creating an excess of bread at the end of the meal. The marmalade was a delicious combination with the banana peppers. It was spicy but not over the top. This was a good start to the day.

The meal came with some interesting chips. Still can't pin point the flavor...

The meal came with some interesting chips. Still can't pin point the flavor...

My next stop was to Trendz Cafe and Wine Bar. I'm not going to lie I had no idea this restaurant existed as it's hiding in a little corner between Dartmouth Crossing and Burnside. I walked in and immediately felt under dressed, it is a very well put together restaurant.

The service however rather disappointing... The first impression for me was " wow I'll be coming here again!" but after the sub par service I'd be hesitant... The server was polite enough but didn't really take any time for me. Took my order, brought the order, brought the bill. I don't expect a server to be all over me but it would have been nice if she asked how the food was... Or asked if I wanted my bill... Or offered to refill my small glass of water as this burger was quite rich.

The featured burger is Trendz Spicy Peanut Butter Thai Burger. Oulton's Nova Scotia beef, Napa cabbage, grilled scallions, crispy noodles, cilantro, spicy peanut sauce, and tandoori yogurt served on a toasted kaiser. So this burger was not spicy at all, the peanut sauce was still delicious but peanut sauce is like my frank's hot sauce.. I put that $*** on everything! Everything else on this burger was.. flavorless with a hint of sweet. Overall it wasn't great... The pickle on top was tasty I guess.

Trendz Burger week burger

I also couldn't help but notice there was a bit of a contrast from the official burger week photo and the burger that I received.. I mean maybe I'm being a little harsh but c'mon at least try to fold my pickle all the way.





The last stop of the day was Parkside Pub and Smokehouse on Highfield park drive. This was the only place I grabbed a side, figured I'd treat myself for supper. The burger was the Up'n Smoke burger: 6-oz certified Angus beef on a sesame seed bun. Topped with bacon, slow-smoked pulled pork, crispy pickle fries, tomato smoked relish and sweet-and-spicy pimento cheese sauce.

Parkside burger week burger

This burger was my favorite overall, my only critiques would be that the bun definitely looked like a Ben's bun.. and the place was not overly clean... I ordered a glass of wine and when it arrived it was clear the glass had just been "washed" at least on the inside, the outer parts of the glass were stained with probably condiments or something of that variety. There was also a couple of fruit flies kicking around... The positives to this burger do thankfully outweigh the cons and the dirty glass. The pulled pork was perfection and was definitely the dominant flavor along with the deep fried pickles made to look like fries, those were great I could eat those like popcorn! (Disclaimer: I love pickles like a pregnant woman) I also enjoyed the relish and the server was very sweet, my boyfriend asked for a few changes to his burger and he got everything he requested. Last stop of the evening set the tone for the day and this is currently the one to beat!

Burger week passport 2018

I feel it was a great start to burger week given the obstacles of staying close to home, some not serving food and the awful weather. I'm sitting with a full stomach feeling accomplished. Now to decide where I will visit tomorrow!

7 days.. 10 Burgers... And that barely put a dent into it! I have a new strategy for next year: Quality over quantity. If I only hit 3 joints next year but I hit all the overly unique and over the top burgers I'll be so happy! The countdown is now on.

5 Easy Easter Bakes

With Easter just around the corner here's...


5 Easy and Fun Easter baking!

On Sundays I take some time to share something to make life easier. This week I'm dedicating some time to the holiday that reminds us that warm weather is on it's way and makes pastel colours the best thing since sliced bread! Below is 5 great Easter bakes that anyone can do.

#5 Chocolate Eggies Cake



Who doesn't like chocolate?

Who doesn't like Hershey Eggies?

And there's nothing more fun than crushing up those Eggies... And eating the ones that try to get away. Grab your chocolate cake recipe and some chocolate icing and treat yourself to this spring treat!

#4 Carrot cupcakes

carrot cake.jpg


A classic! And the vegetables make it healthy right? Carrot cake has a rich history, when you get the chance you should look into it. If it's too much reading, click here and we can just make carrot cupcakes and forget about it.

#3 Eggie Cookies

eggie baking.jpg


I love Hershey Eggies if you haven't noticed.  Grab them at the bulk barn for the best deal!

eggie cookies.jpg

Not the prettiest cookies but very delicious! Rip these things apart when they're still warm and enjoy the chocolately goodness.

#2 Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns.JPG


Now that song is stuck in your head. You're welcome. Such a traditional treat this time of year! Simply a bread dough with cinnamon and raisins drizzled with icing but it is drool worthy.

#1 Sweet and Salty!

sweet and salty.JPG

Genuinely in love with this combination, so simple but it's so effective. Buttered popcorn and Hershey Eggies. Just close your eyes and embrace what you get.

This brings us to the end of our list! I hope you were inspired to do some pastel Easter goodies.

8 Easy Summer Cakes

One thing that gets me through the long winter months is dreaming about summer! The patio beers, festivals, warm weather and of course the summer cakes! These 8 summer cakes will warm you right up.

1. Melted Ice Cream Cake

Melted Ice cream cake

Melted Ice cream cake

You can feel the warmth with this cake! (and a little bit of the sugar as well) Cannot wait for the weather to be warm enough to melt my ice cream!

2. Tropical Floral Cake

Tropical cake

Tropical cake

You can just feel the sand squishing through your toes! Unlike the real thing the brown sugar sand will melt in your mouth.

3. Bonne Voyage Cruise Ship Cake

Cruise Ship cake

Cruise Ship cake

This was one of the first drip cakes I ever did and I was pleased how it came out! I am also pleased with the vacation vibes this cake gives off.. Especially since I am prone to sea sickness and really don't care for the cruise life. These cruise vibes are enough for me!

4. Popsicle Cupcakes

Popsicle cupcakes

Popsicle cupcakes

Last summer I had challenged my peers to give me inspiration for a summer treat. My friend suggested implementing Popsicles into a cake or cupcake variety. So after a small amount of research it was discovered that Mike n' Ikes with a little toothpick insterted make great looking mini popsicles! So here we have them, they're quaint and fun.

5. Pastel Wedding

Pastel floral wedding cake

Pastel floral wedding cake

These colours say "fresh" ! This was not an indoor formal strict wedding, this is a fun and intimate summer (possibly outdoor) wedding equipped with an appropriate cake to match!

6. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

This one is pretty self explanatory.. Strawberry Shortcake! The perfect in season dessert for a back yard BBQ or heck any day of the week really. This light and fluffy dessert will make you feel like you're eating a sweet cloud. (With the  added bonus of the healthy**?? topping)

7. Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid Cupcakes

Can you hear the ocean waves in these cupcakes? These fun mermaid cupcakes will be a great addition to any youngin's summer birthday bash! Or an adult's summer birthday bash I don't judge.

8. Chicken Wing Cake

Chicken Wing Cake

Chicken Wing Cake

Last but certainly not least in our list of fantastic summer cakes is the chicken wing cake! Edible images are amazing (confession- I am no good at sculpting, it's something I'm working on but until the day I improve I have the images to fall back on) The savory inspired dessert will make you crave wing night. I even experimented with blending my hubby's secret chicken blend in the icing.


There we have it! Miss summer yet? You probably already did and I just made it worse... WELL just remember winter can't last forever and the festival days are on their way!!

Review: December Meowbox

Getting back into the routine of things after the craziness of the holidays! It was an incredible Christmas filled with lots of love, family and TURKEY... So much turkey.

As much as I love this time of year I am also happy that it's now behind us and I can get back into routine, go to bed on time and look forward to 2018!

In true form of return I'm back with review Wednesday in full force! Over the month I received Princess's and Montana's Meowbox! The beautiful Christmas Meowbox.

The December Meowbox

The December Meowbox

Every other month I receive Meowbox by mail. The ultimate subscription for the cat lover. You have the option to get it monthly or every other month. I find getting it every other month is perfect otherwise you find yourself with a large abundance of cat toys. I believe we've now hit our anniversary with Meowbox, there's been a few hit and misses in certain boxes but for the most part I still really enjoy getting this and I think the girls like it too.

This box included:

Wool Holly Cat Toy

Tuna Can Cat Toy

Snowman Ball with Bell

Kitty Treats

Christmas Light Cat Toy

The nostalgia of this box was such a winner. I love love love all the designs of the toys. They are all so unique and puts me and my kitties in the Christmas spirit.

Wool Holly Cat toy from Meowbox

Wool Holly Cat toy from Meowbox

Wool Holly: We've received multiple wool toys in these boxes, sadly our cats are not overly interested in them past the first unveiling. So as much as it's a very cute toy and gives the room a little more Christmas cheer... It really lacks interest to my cats.

Tuna Cat toy from Meowbox

Tuna Can: We had a similar issue with this toy: It's super cute but the cats had very little interest in it. Luckily I have some spray cat nip from a previous box that can make any boring toy desirable.

Snowman cat toy from meowbox

Snowman cat toy from meowbox

Snowball: This one was a win. Loved by both cats! It's fuzzy with a cute bell and has an adorable face (for me)

Chicken bites from Meowbox

Chicken bites from Meowbox

Treats: I am very happy to say that these treats were delicious! The girls couldn't get enough of them. There's been a few packs of treats that they were not a fan of so I'm always happy when we get something they approve of. Most are locally made with good ingredients as opposed to the grocery store brands.

Christmas light toy by meowbox

Christmas light toy by meowbox

Christmas light cat toy by Meowbox

Lights: This is my favorite toy! There was some decent thought into this toy, there's even a little shine to the bulbs. My girl isn't a huge fan of string toys but Montana loves them so her and I had some fun.

Montana with the puffy snowman between her paws

Montana with the puffy snowman between her paws



Overall the box wasn't the greatest on the cat side of things but for cuteness it was a 10/10







I also wanted to take a little time to showcase some of my work from the month. I had tons of fun with some custom cakes for young boys birthday!


2 Birthday Cake equipped with trucks!

2 Birthday Cake equipped with trucks!

Hockey themed cake equipped with stick and puck!

Hockey themed cake equipped with stick and puck!

50th Argyle Birthday Cake

Every Sunday morning at 8 am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work.

I don't have much to share this week due to going through a move (I hate moving) so I'm showcasing a great cake!

The instructions were... Something elegant, with nice colors... And THIS written on it!

Celebrating a 50th Birthday the right way

Who says your 50th should be a somber occasion. These ladies understood how to celebrate: with a couple of laughs. You have accomplished quite a bit at this point after all! It should be embraced with class and a little humor. This cake says it all with the crisp argyle pattern and very forward writing.



Checker board cake inside I was able to sneak into the establishment to take a look at the inside to make sure it worked out as it should... Nailed it!

checker inside.jpg

Aside from the writing I really loved this cake, it was the first time experimenting with argyle patterns and cutting the fondant to make the pattern. I hope to do something like this again.

An elegant birthday celebration

An elegant birthday celebration

Homemade Salsa

Simple and delicious! Also an excuse to pull out my food processor! (Legitimately my favorite appliance after my mixer) Sometimes I choose recipes based on the fact that I just want to use the food processor, also since finding out that Classico pasta is all bottled in mason jars I've been very excited to fill them back up as they get emptied out!

Getting the garlic content just right is important for the flavors get stronger as the salsa sits, so I recommend even the biggest garlic lovers go light on the garlic because it will get better with age.

This delicious salsa adds kick to any dish or appetizer! Alter it to the spiciness that you crave and cater your veggies if you want. I'm a sucker for peppers so I cram as many peppers into my recipe as I can!

Homemade Salsa