Chicken Pad Thai

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If I could go out and eat Thai food every day I would! The sensations from this food are unmatched.

Maybe this is because I didn't discover how delicious Thai food was until my adult years? Who knows.

Here is my recipe for perfect Chicken Pad Thai at home... It can easily be altered to include any favorites or remove the meat and make an amazing vegetarian dish.

Chicken Pad Thai


Now on the off chance that you have room for dessert afterwards, sink your teeth into this rainbow My Little Pony birthday cake.

Nicole's Classy Custom Cakes.jpg

Black Bean Burgers

Every Monday my friends and I get together and participate in meatless Monday. It's a great way to make Mondays enjoyable and an excuse to see friends! It also comes with some amazing environmental benefits as well: Let's just say you participate one day a week like I do, every time you do you save animals and that's less CO2 in our atmosphere! Every little bit of effort counts. You can take a look at your impact on Vegetarian Calculator

This week was my turn to cook! I decided since it's the middle of summer I'd make some burgers! Black bean burgers to be exact.

Black Bean Burger

I chose to not blend the beans 100% because I wanted a little bit of texture left over, if you'd rather make them smooth simply mix them for a bit longer!

Oven Roast Chicken

It's always a good feeling to be prepared for the week. I love roasting a chicken on Sundays to line up some great meals into the weekdays. I will literally eat chicken for every meal for a week with this, it just makes life so easy and eliminates remembering to take something out for supper in the mornings.

Chicken is so versatile! Not one spice combination needs to be the same.