Chicken Pad Thai

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If I could go out and eat Thai food every day I would! The sensations from this food are unmatched.

Maybe this is because I didn't discover how delicious Thai food was until my adult years? Who knows.

Here is my recipe for perfect Chicken Pad Thai at home... It can easily be altered to include any favorites or remove the meat and make an amazing vegetarian dish.

Chicken Pad Thai


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Homemade Chicken Strips

Ever crave a chicken strip or a chicken tender but cringe at the thought of eating all that batter and preservatives? I do weekly so to curve that craving I started making homemade chicken strips! They are easy and tasty.

Start off with a chicken breast, cut it into desired strip size (you be the judge- but the smaller they are the faster they cook)


Next up is prepping your breading factory! Crack an egg and mix in a small dish (large enough to cater to your chicken) and a shallow plate full of bread crumbs. Here I used pre-season ones but if yours are plain, throw something in there! I recommend oregano, basil, cilantro... Something bold that you'll appreciate! Or even better grab the chipotle spice for a real kick! 


Dip each strip lightly in the egg mixture to coat and then lightly again in the bread crumbs to get a lovely (and manageable) coat of breading on your chicken. Once all the chicken is battered you can prep your pan, coat the bottom of a large frying pan with oil and let it warm up on med heat for 1-2 minutes, afterwards placing chicken strips into the heated pan.


Using a set of tongs, flip the pieces every 2-3 minutes to ensure an even cook. Chicken is done once you can cut open one of the larger strips and it's white and fluffy inside.


Once fully cooked, throw them on a piece of paper towel to soak up any excess oil (or don't- it's up to you) let them cool for a minute and enjoy!

They are great hot and fresh but they also hold up cold in a wrap or a salad!

They are great hot and fresh but they also hold up cold in a wrap or a salad!

Chicken Strips.jpg

Oven Roast Chicken

It's always a good feeling to be prepared for the week. I love roasting a chicken on Sundays to line up some great meals into the weekdays. I will literally eat chicken for every meal for a week with this, it just makes life so easy and eliminates remembering to take something out for supper in the mornings.

Chicken is so versatile! Not one spice combination needs to be the same.