Meatless Monday: Pulled Jack

Every Monday my friends and I get together and participate in meatless Monday. It's a great way to make Mondays enjoyable and an excuse to see friends! It also comes with some amazing environmental benefits as well: Let's just say you participate one day a week like I do, every time you do you save animals and that's less CO2 in our atmosphere! Every little bit of effort counts. You can take a look at your impact on Vegetarian Calculator

This week was my turn to cook! I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and make vegan pulled pork sandwiches! These guys are made from jackfruit which is honestly a fruit that I didn't even know existed!

Pulled Jack.jpg

So full disclaimer: I did not use the right type of jackfruit! You are supposed to use green jackfruit as it's stringy and more savory than the yellow stuff. Well after hitting half the city looking for the right type I finally gave up and bought some canned ripe stuff. Overall the texture reminded me more so of peppers than pulled pork and it was definitely very sweet but overall it was tasty and it was enjoyed by the masses. We topped it with coleslaw and complimented it with Quinoa salad. Below is the recipe: 

Pulled jackfruit

(Again if you can find it- use an unripe jackfruit either fresh or canned.)

Pulled Jack

Don't be afraid to get messy with this creation.. It will be everywhere trust me don't forget the napkins! With 5 cans of fruit I fed 6 people comfortably and had enough for 2 sandwiches the next day.