Halifax Burger Week 2017

This years burger week is just around the corner. While I'm anxiously awaiting the voting for the burger ambassador (which of course I was born to be) I wanted to look back at last years favorites and misses.



Below is the old blog post (from my blogspot days) ranking the burgers I got to try!

So Halifax does a wonderful thing every year. Many local restaurants will put on a featured burger where proceeds will go to Feed Nova Scotia! For 2017 there was an incredible amount of amazing burgers.

Halifax Burger week 2017

Halifax Burger week 2017

This year's was March 23rd to the 29th and I managed to grab 5 awesome burgers.

Here are the 5 in order of enjoyment.



#5 The Armview: The Hot Mess



A good start to burger week, beef patty, mac and cheese and onions with a special ketchup... It was missing something I still don't know what but it was missing something.

#4 Clay West: The Smash Burger

Clay West.jpg

This one would have done better but the service at Clay West was less to be desired... They are definitely not used to that sort of traffic.. Double beef patty smothered in cheese sauce and topped with onion rings and pickles... and extra pickles.

#3 Big Leagues (No name)

Big Leagues.jpg


I good classic burger! Beef patty seasoned with taco spice topped with Monterrey Jack cheese, fried onions and a deep fried pickle along with some traditional burger toppings. Very tasty.

#2 Bubba Rays: The Pepperoni Burger

Bubba Rays.jpg


This one looked like garbage on the website HOWEVER the actual burger itself blew my mind! Beef patty topped with lots of pepperoni and cheese with a chipolte dipping sauce for it. The sauce put this one in the rankings for me!

#1 Tempo: The Pizza Corner Burger



TOP NOTCH and the best burger I had all week. It was the second stop all week so all other burgers had heavy competition. This was a donair burger (spiced perfectly) topped with donair sauce on a pizza pun with fried pepperoni on top. Everything about this burger was amazing. They win burger week!


This year I have been planning for this week every since the last burger week ended. Time off work has been booked to optimize my restaurant visits. Look out Halifax!! I'm coming for you!