Basket of Raspberry Cake

A piece I am quite fond of. There's a story behind this raspberry birthday cake. The beloved birthday girl was born in a raspberry field! She was so eager to arrive there was no time to waste to get to a hospital. So every year on her birthday they celebrate with a raspberry cake.

IMG_1942 - Copy.JPG


I was so honored to be able to make this. It feels to be a very important tradition in the client's family. So I put a twist on the favorite and made the cake into a little basket! Chocolate cake on the inside with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries between the layers. Surrounded with wafers and held together with a little bow.

This is.. Most definitely one of my favorite creations to date. My only peeve with it is raspberries seem to not last very long once they've been harvested the trick seems to me to keep it good and cool and made sure the clients enjoyed it right away. It was a success all around!