Review: August Meowbox

Every Wednesday evening I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new!


The August Meowbox.

Aloha! With every meowbox you buy, they give a can of food to a shelter cat!



Price: $29.95 + taxes.

I’ve chosen to receive it every other month to avoid having too many toys in the house!




  • Katmint: Kavai Blend Catnip
  • Tropical flower toys equipped with feathers
  • Pineapple and coconut toys
  • Catnip ice cream cone
  • Kettle Craft: Savory Canadian Turkey 


At times the meowbox can be a dud in my experience, there have been months where Princess is very uninterested in what comes in, but I don’t hold it against them because something that my cat may be uninterested in may be the best thing ever to another cat! So not every delivery will be a 100% winner.


August’s theme was embracing the tropics! And this really stole my girl’s heart before I could even open the box she was trying to get into it. Her faves this month seem to be the ice cream cone catnip toy and the flower feather thingies… which I suspect will be destroyed within a matter of hours…



She wasn’t too much of a fan of the treats sadly but she is a picky eater as it is so I’m not surprised. I’m sure my boyfriend’s cat will enjoy them!


August Meowbox: Aloha!