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The Sick Kit

That time of year is coming fast! So many germs so many sniffles...Working in an office and not getting sick can feel like an uphill battle! But I tried to make it a little easier this year by bringing a little comfort to the office.

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The office sick kit to survive the horrid cold season!

The office sick kit to survive the horrid cold season!

Thanks to Wal-mart it was a pretty affordable box to put together.

It included..

- Lysol stray for your desk

- Cough drops of multiple varieties

- Lemon soothing tea

- Tylenol cold and flu DAYTIME: no one is falling asleep on my watch!

- Pain killers

- hand sanitizer

- Cough syrup

- Facial tissue

- And of course a stuffed bacon for comfort


There were a couple of rules along with the kit

- Anyone was welcome to use anything in the box

- But to only take what was needed

- Contribute if you could.

- And the most important: Get Better!

Rainbow wax jack-o-lantern

This week feature is a melted wax jack-o-lantern. I melted crayons down a ceramic pumpkin to create this beautiful colorful Halloween decoration!