DIY Body Sugar Scrub

Continuing on with the slow pace of either eliminating the plastic in my home or finding uses for the things already in the house to avoid them getting into our oceans.. I needed some more body scrub!

Equipped with a plastic container from my last purchase I started cruising the internet to understand what makes a good sugar scrub. After some dozen articles and blogs about the best things to use, I was able to collaborate on a recipe that not only matched my preferences perfectly, but I already had everything in the house!

DIY sugar scrub

My Homemade Sugar Scrub included:

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

1/2 Cup Coffee grounds

2 Tsp Vanilla

Mix everything together until well blended and store in a container that can be sealed. My general rule with scrubs is use them no more than twice a week.

Your shower will smell like sweet sweet coffee in the morning! It’s a great way to wake up.

DIY Sugar scrub

Life is a Picnic: Marriage Survival Kit

One of my best friends is getting married this month! Lots of work has been put into the big day. Her and her fiancee have been together for years and years so when it came to choosing a gift for her bridal shower it was a little tricky- these aren't your traditional bride and groom. They are quite established and don't need anything. They honestly didn't even bother with a registry. So I wanted to get them something they could use along with something thoughtful, I headed over to my favorite site Pinterest and started doing some research.

Life is a Picnic: Marriage Survival Kit. I made the card envelope into the title of the gift.

Life is a Picnic: Marriage Survival Kit. I made the card envelope into the title of the gift.

I stumbled across Creative "Try" Alls Blog where they had an adorable picnic inspired themed bridal shower gift.

I loved it so I took it and ran with it! (Of course tweaking it and making it my own)

I used a fabric cooler to pack everything together- my main focus was making sure everything had a useful purpose and a meaningful one.


Marriage Survival Kit

I filled it with 4 picnic related items plus a book I grabbed off Amazon.

1. Sandwich containers with a note: Fresh is Best, Don't Let your Love Go Stale.

2. 2 Water bottles and;

3. Crystal Light Lemon Lime water flavoring (Because I couldn't find the lemonade mixes ANYWHERE in the grocery store...) and a note: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.

Marriage Survival Kit

4. An Ice pack with a note: Keep Your Cool

Marriage Survival Kit

Lastly I found this adorable book on Amazon and there's a link below if you'd like to check it out (I may receive a small commission if you purchase the book from my link.)

Marriage Survival Kit

The thing that I loved about this book was that it wasn't just about "advice" but it also intergrated well wishes and happy thoughts. Since I, nor most of the rest of our friends group are not married yet I wanted something that would be mainly about wishing the couple well and something that they could look back at and smile. This book was the winner of that.

Marriage Survival Kit

All together this made an adorable and affordable gift with TONS of usefulness.

Practical Bridal Shower Gifts

DIY Lightup Skull Vase

When that crisp air comes back I waste NO time starting to plan for fall. Especially Halloween!

DIY skull vase

I've had this Crystal Vodka skull sitting around my house for a year or so now just waiting for the inspiration. I decided to go with something classic- I nice light-up vase!

Crystal vodka skull- DIY skull vase

Crystal Head Vodka is locally made in Newfoundland, I always have a special place in my heart for locally made drinks.

Supplied is pretty straight forward:

1. The skull

2. Battery operated lights

3. Flowers


Was able to track down some skull shaped lights at Michaels!

Was able to track down some skull shaped lights at Michaels!

Fishing the lights into the bottle was tricky... You are guaranteed to not get is as perfect as you'd like!.. The top is too small for a lot of control, but I liked the chaos.


For the flowers I chose some purple and black beauties that I'd gotten as a gift last year, snipping the stems so they won't take away from the lights.


Fall Bucket List 2018

With another autumn underway comes another fun list of must does! Here is my bucket list for Fall 2018.

Fall is my favorite time of year so I always try to get the most out of it! It's such a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of wedding season, and combating humidity.

Fall Bucket list

Many of the items on my list this year create memories along with a few art and baking fun for the days the weather may not cooperate.. 

Fall To Do List 2018

O Fall manicure!

O Coordinate a fall photo shoot with friends or family (it doesn't need to be a huge event, just a couple of smiling shots with a pumpkin or some leaves will live long in your memory)

O Go visit a local pumpkin patch and buy your favorite pumpkin (road trip plus supporting local farmers? Yes please!)

O Rake a big pile of leaves and jump into them

O Find a fall cross stitch and make it ( Pinterest is a great tool)

O Catch up with an old friend over a pumpkin spice latte

O Bake some pies with some local fruits and squashes!

O Go for a hike in the woods, take photos of the changing leaves

O Go apple picking

O Visit a local corn maze

So many fun ways to create memories this fall! 

Download the Checklist right here to print it out!

The Sick Kit

That time of year is coming fast! So many germs so many sniffles...Working in an office and not getting sick can feel like an uphill battle! But I tried to make it a little easier this year by bringing a little comfort to the office.

Every Sunday morning at 8 am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work!

The office sick kit to survive the horrid cold season!

The office sick kit to survive the horrid cold season!

Thanks to Wal-mart it was a pretty affordable box to put together.

It included..

- Lysol stray for your desk

- Cough drops of multiple varieties

- Lemon soothing tea

- Tylenol cold and flu DAYTIME: no one is falling asleep on my watch!

- Pain killers

- hand sanitizer

- Cough syrup

- Facial tissue

- And of course a stuffed bacon for comfort


There were a couple of rules along with the kit

- Anyone was welcome to use anything in the box

- But to only take what was needed

- Contribute if you could.

- And the most important: Get Better!

Rainbow wax jack-o-lantern

This week feature is a melted wax jack-o-lantern. I melted crayons down a ceramic pumpkin to create this beautiful colorful Halloween decoration!