Review: Bagel Montreal Style

Every Wednesday I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new!

In the new house I now drive by this gem almost every single day, so one morning I just had to pop in to see what sort of bagel goodness was behind that big yellow sign! Within seconds of arriving you are surrounded by the wonderful smells of the fire oven and the fresh ingredients.

Bagel Montreal Style bakery

I could not believe how many flavors there were to chose from, things I've never seen put in bagels were in these bagels! I even said that to the owner when I was chatting with him, he's definitely thinking outside the typical box of bagels.

I was planning on only getting a handful of bagels but... That didn't exactly go as planned. A dozen bagels later (the more you buy the more you save).. 

No self control

I ended up getting:

- 6 Montreal steak spice bagels

- 4 Everything bagels (because you can't go wrong with an everything)

- 1 pumpernickel bagel

- 1 Banana chocolate chip bagel

- 1 Rosemary and olive oil bagel (his last one for the day, I couldn't resist.)

Montreal Steak Spice...

Montreal style bagels

These were the ones I was the most excited to try, this sounded like a salty dream come true. I was not as excited about the flavor as I was expecting to be.. It was a little strong in flavor and not in a good way unfortunately. BUT we did finish all of them so no loss. It may be a little bit until we get this flavor again though.

Everything Bagels...

Montreal style bagels

I've never met an everything bagel I didn't like and this bagel was no exception. It was delicious and flavorful! We will be getting more of these classic gems.

Pumpernickel Bagel...

So this one I was expecting a strong Rye taste to it, to my disappointment it really didn't taste like anything which I found odd. The most memorable part was getting the dark bread pieces out of my teeth.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bagel...

One word. Nope... Nope sorry too rich. Take a bowl of chocolate cocoa puffs, add some chocolate syrup and you're coming close to the richness of this bagel. I sadly couldn't finish it. Just not for me.

Rosemary and Olive Oil Bagel...

So I imagine this bagel being great for a chicken sandwich. This is NOT a breakfast bagel AT ALL. Also couldn't finish this one either for the exact opposite of the banana chocolate one. Way too savory to just eat with butter and a cup of coffee.


The general consensus: The bagels are well made, they were firm but softened right up when warmed up. Their recipe is full proof... There's just some flavors that shouldn'tbe put in a bagel! The owner told me there's pumpkin bagels in the works so I have full intentions on returning soon to test the waters of his new creations!