Racap: Wedding Season 2018

Now that it’s officially fall it brings “wedding season” to an end. Sure there’s always a few straggler fall and winter weddings but there’s no doubt that the season is summer.

Looking back at this season, it was my busiest yet and by far the most challenging! I took on new ideas and experimented with lots of different techniques. I am incredibly pleased with every cake that came out of my kitchen.

Succulent wedding cake

My largest project this season was without a doubt the couple who wanted an individual cake on each guest table. They had a 2 tiered cake for themselves and the wedding party and ten (10) individual cakes to pass out. I found it funny that their wedding planner had no idea their intentions for the dessert so when I showed up with the load she was very surprised! Needless to say she was a great planner and was quick on her feet to arrange a plan.

Individual wedding party cakes
Donut tower

The most unique wedding I did was these delicious donuts! To keep consistency I ordered the donuts from a local bakery and decorated them to match the wedding colours. For the bride and groom to cut I had a bundt style cake that matched the donuts.

Donut cake

My last cake of the season was by far my favorite. But there was no competition really since it was for one of my best friends. She wanted carrot cake with cream cheese icing and although I’ve been known to compare cream cheese icing to translucent sludge I was definitely able to accommodate to her request.

Carrot cupcakes

The wedding was very intimate and matched the couple’s personality perfectly. I was so honored to be a part of their special day. My phone is full of smiling faces from that evening. It was perfect.

I am starting to book for next year now, getting pricing sorted out for the new year. I am very excited to see what 2019 couples will bring to the table!

Review: December Meowbox

Getting back into the routine of things after the craziness of the holidays! It was an incredible Christmas filled with lots of love, family and TURKEY... So much turkey.

As much as I love this time of year I am also happy that it's now behind us and I can get back into routine, go to bed on time and look forward to 2018!

In true form of return I'm back with review Wednesday in full force! Over the month I received Princess's and Montana's Meowbox! The beautiful Christmas Meowbox.

The December Meowbox

The December Meowbox

Every other month I receive Meowbox by mail. The ultimate subscription for the cat lover. You have the option to get it monthly or every other month. I find getting it every other month is perfect otherwise you find yourself with a large abundance of cat toys. I believe we've now hit our anniversary with Meowbox, there's been a few hit and misses in certain boxes but for the most part I still really enjoy getting this and I think the girls like it too.

This box included:

Wool Holly Cat Toy

Tuna Can Cat Toy

Snowman Ball with Bell

Kitty Treats

Christmas Light Cat Toy

The nostalgia of this box was such a winner. I love love love all the designs of the toys. They are all so unique and puts me and my kitties in the Christmas spirit.

Wool Holly Cat toy from Meowbox

Wool Holly Cat toy from Meowbox

Wool Holly: We've received multiple wool toys in these boxes, sadly our cats are not overly interested in them past the first unveiling. So as much as it's a very cute toy and gives the room a little more Christmas cheer... It really lacks interest to my cats.

Tuna Cat toy from Meowbox

Tuna Can: We had a similar issue with this toy: It's super cute but the cats had very little interest in it. Luckily I have some spray cat nip from a previous box that can make any boring toy desirable.

Snowman cat toy from meowbox

Snowman cat toy from meowbox

Snowball: This one was a win. Loved by both cats! It's fuzzy with a cute bell and has an adorable face (for me)

Chicken bites from Meowbox

Chicken bites from Meowbox

Treats: I am very happy to say that these treats were delicious! The girls couldn't get enough of them. There's been a few packs of treats that they were not a fan of so I'm always happy when we get something they approve of. Most are locally made with good ingredients as opposed to the grocery store brands.

Christmas light toy by meowbox

Christmas light toy by meowbox

Christmas light cat toy by Meowbox

Lights: This is my favorite toy! There was some decent thought into this toy, there's even a little shine to the bulbs. My girl isn't a huge fan of string toys but Montana loves them so her and I had some fun.

Montana with the puffy snowman between her paws

Montana with the puffy snowman between her paws



Overall the box wasn't the greatest on the cat side of things but for cuteness it was a 10/10







I also wanted to take a little time to showcase some of my work from the month. I had tons of fun with some custom cakes for young boys birthday!


2 Birthday Cake equipped with trucks!

2 Birthday Cake equipped with trucks!

Hockey themed cake equipped with stick and puck!

Hockey themed cake equipped with stick and puck!

Review: FabFitFun Subscription Box

Every Wednesday I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new! 

FabFitFun Review

A couple of my coworkers have been getting this box for a little while so I decided to give it a try!



Essentially it's not like other subscription boxes, it gets sent to you every season as opposed to every month aaaand ... it's $50 USD BUT you receive $150-$200 worth of products. I managed to get a promo code for my starter box which made it $20 USD for the first box.

After a long week my starter box arrived! ... With $14 in handling charges at the post office... That was a bit of a surprise but we are still within a good deal for the product value I've received so I stayed optimistic.


The box included $146USD in products.

- A foldover Clutch in ... Burgundy? 

- A nude lip liner from Tarte

- An exfoliating sponge with soap infused.

- A face mist

- Promo codes and coupons for a few other companies.

FabFitFun Review


The clutch came in black, I mean the colour doesn't really matter but why mention a colour in the description at all if there's multiple colours... And it's kinda weird. I don't know what I will end up using this for. This is pending a useful use.

FabFitFun review

EDIT: I've realized this bag is the same size as my laptop. I now have a laptop bag.

FabFitFun review


A week or two before signing up for FabFitFun I was talking to a coworker about Ipsy, the makeup subscription box and how it lost it's luster after a few months. We really didn't need another nude lipstick...

tarte nude lipstick

Ironically the first makeup sample I get is a nude lipstick!! It's... Nice? It's a nude lipstick... It can only be so much. This is pending a useful use....


The sponge I think is my favorite, the scent is nice and it works well. It's not overly abrasive but exfoliates nicely and it seems to hold it's soap well. This is useful.

FabFitFun Review


The face mist initially confused me... The words out of my mouth were literally "what does this do" I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it a couple of nights and it does make my face look nice? I'm still confused over what it does but it works.

FabFitFun Review


2 out of 4 products I found useful. On top of the price I'm less than impressed with this box. I'm going to give it one more delivery and if I'm still not convinced I'll be cancelling.

FabFitFun Review


There was also a couple of promotional coupons in the box that I plan to investigate more.

FanFitFun gets 2.5 our of 5. 

EDIT: Hello fresh promo card appears not to work in Canada...

Holiday Baking

Every Sunday morning at 8 am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work!

Or in this case, it's all about the showcase!! The holidays are fast approaching and you know that you won't have time to do all the baking you dream of. So let me help you! I will even let you take the credit ;) 

Here are a few mouth watering and traditional favorites for the holidays from years past.

Chocolate cake with Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Reese's pieces, and chocolate drizzle on top! This mouth watering design will get you every time: Chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing topped with chopped mini Reese's peanut butter cups and Reese's pieces drizzled in chocolate.


Looking for more of a classic dessert? How about a traditional linzer torte.


A little history on Linzer Tortes: Named after the city of Linz, Austria it's a holiday classic in Austria, Hungary, Sweden, and Germany and mainly seen on the dinner tables at Christmas time. Linzer tortes can be made in many sizes and shapes from cookies, tarts and tortes. I chose the torte for my experiment to make sure the baking times worked for the oven.

Or perhaps you prefer cookies!


A great way to show off some cheer is with these colourful cookies!!


I also specialize in cupcakes and can pretty  make any treat as long as sufficient order time is given.

See something you like? And live in Nova Scotia, Canada? Message me for a quote!

Review: Bagel Montreal Style

Every Wednesday I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new!

In the new house I now drive by this gem almost every single day, so one morning I just had to pop in to see what sort of bagel goodness was behind that big yellow sign! Within seconds of arriving you are surrounded by the wonderful smells of the fire oven and the fresh ingredients.

Bagel Montreal Style bakery

I could not believe how many flavors there were to chose from, things I've never seen put in bagels were in these bagels! I even said that to the owner when I was chatting with him, he's definitely thinking outside the typical box of bagels.

I was planning on only getting a handful of bagels but... That didn't exactly go as planned. A dozen bagels later (the more you buy the more you save).. 

No self control

I ended up getting:

- 6 Montreal steak spice bagels

- 4 Everything bagels (because you can't go wrong with an everything)

- 1 pumpernickel bagel

- 1 Banana chocolate chip bagel

- 1 Rosemary and olive oil bagel (his last one for the day, I couldn't resist.)

Montreal Steak Spice...

Montreal style bagels

These were the ones I was the most excited to try, this sounded like a salty dream come true. I was not as excited about the flavor as I was expecting to be.. It was a little strong in flavor and not in a good way unfortunately. BUT we did finish all of them so no loss. It may be a little bit until we get this flavor again though.

Everything Bagels...

Montreal style bagels

I've never met an everything bagel I didn't like and this bagel was no exception. It was delicious and flavorful! We will be getting more of these classic gems.

Pumpernickel Bagel...

So this one I was expecting a strong Rye taste to it, to my disappointment it really didn't taste like anything which I found odd. The most memorable part was getting the dark bread pieces out of my teeth.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bagel...

One word. Nope... Nope sorry too rich. Take a bowl of chocolate cocoa puffs, add some chocolate syrup and you're coming close to the richness of this bagel. I sadly couldn't finish it. Just not for me.

Rosemary and Olive Oil Bagel...

So I imagine this bagel being great for a chicken sandwich. This is NOT a breakfast bagel AT ALL. Also couldn't finish this one either for the exact opposite of the banana chocolate one. Way too savory to just eat with butter and a cup of coffee.


The general consensus: The bagels are well made, they were firm but softened right up when warmed up. Their recipe is full proof... There's just some flavors that shouldn'tbe put in a bagel! The owner told me there's pumpkin bagels in the works so I have full intentions on returning soon to test the waters of his new creations!

Volunteering at the Dartmouth SPCA Thrift Store

The SPCA Thrift store opening soon!

During the past couple of weeks I've volunteered to help set up the SPCA's new thrift store located on Windmill Rd! All the money that's collected at this thrift store will go straight to helping the SPCA and all the wonderful fur babies there. The grand opening coming very soon so I was excited to help them set up and get ready. The products available are listed below. Shopping at a thrift store is a great way to give life back to gently used products! One man's trash is another man's treasure!


Every year in February I participate in National Cupcake Day (Or the NS SPCA calls theirs Bake Sales for Wagging Tails) to help raise money through cupcake sales to further help the efforts of the SPCA, in the past 3 years I have baked for this wonderful cause totaling close to 600 cupcakes baked and over $1300 raised!

The years gone by! 2017 totaled $400, 2016 totaled $500, and 2015 totaled $411!

The years gone by! 2017 totaled $400, 2016 totaled $500, and 2015 totaled $411!

The animal shelters are close to my heart and National cupcake day allows me to help in the best way I know how!

If you want to Donate click here and volunteering can be found here!