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Review: October Meowbox

Every Wednesday I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new! 

Every other month I receive Meowbox by mail. The ultimate subscription for the cat lover. You have the option to get it monthly or every other month. I find getting it every other month is perfect otherwise you find yourself with a large abundance of cat toys.

Meowbox review


This months theme of course is among my favorite... HALLOWEEN! Or should I say MEOWLLOWEEN. I was ecstatic when I realized my subscription would fall in October because Halloween makes me so happy!!

Want your own box? Message me and I'll send you a referral for $5 off your first box!!

Want your own box? Message me and I'll send you a referral for $5 off your first box!!


The box stayed true to the theme, every toy had a Halloween feel to it.



- Skeleton on a string.

- Eyeballs with bells in them.

- Jack-o-Lantern toy!

- Orange snake made from wool.


- and then lastly there was some treats that my kitty quite enjoyed.



This box gets a 10/10 in my books. It was already running with bonus points with the Halloween theme but the treats that my cat adored tipped the scale. The only critique I'd give this box is that none of the toys had catnip in them.

Skeleton on a stick!
My kitty princess playing with her new skeleton on a string!


This was also the first box with both Princess's name and my boyfriends cat's name (Montana). In September our families joined forces, and although there's definitely been growing pains taking 2 alpha female cats and putting them in the same home, we see the progress everyday! Catnip helps this.

Personalized boxes!


With Halloween around the corner I wanted to share some pumpkin carvings from last year! The theme was Pokémon: unfortunately I ran out of pumpkins before I could finish my creations but the ones I did make turned out amazing!





Sadly I sacrificed my third pumpkin to a friend who joined me.. He made the death star. It looked great but I can't help but think Squirtle would have been better!