Review: Hello Flavour Influenster Box

I got the opportunity to receive the Hello Flavour Sample box complimentary from Influenster for testing. All the opinions in this post are my own.

Lately, Influenster has been sending me make-up samples and with my decline of wearing makeup it was getting a little annoying reviewing things I really don’t use on a regular basis. So, getting a box of spices was a breathe of fresh air because I love love LOVE cooking and of course it’s no secret I am an avid baker.


In the box I got some kitchen staples: Cinnamon and Allspice, and some new things to try: Harissa and Black Garlic.

The box came with some recommended recipes, I decided to give the Harissa chocolate cupcakes a try. The recipe seemed like a pretty solid chocolate cake recipe just with the spice. I was curious to see how this spice that I would typically use on chicken will pan out in a chocolate cupcake…


As expected, the batter was a nice texture that mixed and scooped well. It didn’t quite make the 24 cupcakes but I made a few of them a little big. After they cooled I decked them out with my own homemade icing and some red sugar to symbolize the kick in the cupcake.


The Verdict: the initial bite isn’t bad, you just taste chocolate. However, then the aftertaste comes and it’s a disgusting sour mess. I made it through 2 bites of the cupcake and gave up. I thought that since I’m not a huge fan of eating sweets, it may have just been my taste buds so I got my boyfriend to try one when he got home. Same verdict, they were gross.

At this point it was a challenge for me to find someone who actually liked this cupcake. I brought them to work the next day and got all 6 of my coworkers to try one. Each person had one bite, and then proceeded to lick off the icing before disposing of the cupcake. (At least my icing is good baha)

To summarize: These cupcakes were gross. I tried to like then, I tried to find someone who liked them but the end result was these cupcakes ending up in the green bin.

I bet that spice in something appropriate would be delicious, it smelled great in the package. I’m disappointed that I wasted my sample in those cupcakes.

Next up I tried the Black Garlic Spice

I’ve cooked with real black garlic in the past, it has a very unique texture and flavor to it so I was very curious if this spice would be able to hold it’s own. The recommended recipe was to make a sauce for ice cream………………….. After the cupcake incident I decided to use one of my own recipes to try out the spice.

I chose one of my favorite cook books: The Bobs Burgers Burger Cook Book!


I chose to make the “Bet it all on Black Garlic Burger” I’ve tried it with the real black garlic and it was indeed… Exceptional Mouth Feels…..

Bet it all on black garlic burger

Instead of using real black garlic, I substituted the package of spice in the mayonnaise. I also had to adjust the greens to kale just due to availability at the market.


The Verdict: ……. Exceptional Mouth Feels. Now it’s definitely not as good as the real thing BUT for a dried spice it did capture the unique smell and taste of the black garlic without the mess of dealing with the actual garlic.

I will buy this spice, this is definitely a new staple in my spice cabinet.


I didn’t go into depths for the Cinnamon and Allspice because I think we all know what those spices are like and what recipes they work the best with. I am so relieved that I used my own recipe to test the black garlic as opposed to the recommended one because I would have been quite disappointed if both samples were wasted.

I get it that Hello Flavour is trying to have innovative and different recipes… But I would think they would make and test out a recipe before promoting it? Just my thought on it.

Review: Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Body Wash

Oh Wednesdays I take some time to review a product or service on the market, to share my opinions and maybe encourage someone to try something new.

Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Body Wash

This week I got to try Dove's sensitive skin body wash for free to sample from Influenster. Although I was given the product for free all the opinions in this review are my own.


I was really impressed with this product! I've used Dove products in the past that have left a grease film on my skin and hair. Luckily this body wash was not the same story, it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed after just one shower (which was nice as that's what they were going for). I would recommend it for any skin types since it's so gentle and is completely unscented which is very important with my families sensitivities. 

On top of being a quality product Dove is also affordable and easily accessible with it being available anywhere. It's a product you can have in your shower everyday.

Do you want the opportunity to try new products as they come onto the market? Join Influenster! It's also a great place to ask questions and find new products for your life.

Review: Orville Redenbacher's Caramel & White Cheddar Popcorn

Every Wednesday I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new! 

I had the opportunity to sample some of Orville Redenbacher's new creations!



I received this product free/complimentary for testing purposes but all opinions are my own." So far it's delicious! Loving the white cheddar for sure. The caramel is super sweet but still pretty good I must say.

Caramel White Cheddar

My only critiques for the flavors would be that the caramel popcorn was SUPER sweet so I found myself digging through trying to find the white cheddar kernels more often then not. However that's a me thing- I'm just not big on sweets. 


I also found the packaging ridiculously large for the amount of popcorn actually inside the bag. Huge bag, huge box- which got shipped Canada post? Couldn't have been cheap. I get it they're trying to look competitive next to maybe a not so premium flavor- but it was a bit of a disappointment when I opened the bag.

However overall I did enjoy the product and I would definitely buy it again for a special treat on movie night or if I'm just having people over.



Thanks Orville Redenbacher and to Influenster Canada for giving me the opportunity to try this out!

Review: Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation and Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick

Every Wednesday evening I take some time to review a product, place or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new.

Review: Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation and Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick

Review: Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation and Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick

I’ve never been quiet about how I feel about Covergirl cosmetics. I mean don’t get me wrong for the price I suppose you can’t expect magic! So my mind set with Covergirl is “you get what you pay for” but lately they’ve actually been impressing me.

I received this foundation and lipstick for free and complimentary to sample and review but all the opinions are my own.

Photo 2017-08-16, 6 28 50 PM.jpg

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation

Retails for $13.97

Photo 2017-08-16, 8 11 07 PM.jpg

- 14 shades available

- SPF 20

- All day hydration

- Oil free

I was really impressed with the coverage of this foundation (previous Covergirl foundations I’ve used are so thin they feel like water) but this one is fairly thick and goes on smooth! An ultimate test for me as well is how it holds up throughout the day (I have a terrible habit of touching my face) but even with my terrible habits it was holding up well!


The only critique I have towards it is that the foundation has a bit of a sticky/ oily feel to it once it’s on.. May have been my fault as there’s moisturizer in the foundation and out of habit I still applied my daily moisturizer… I may have just doubled up.


*UPDATE* Using makeup without applying moisturizer first. Much much better.


Photo 2017-08-16, 6 29 11 PM.jpg

Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick

Retails for $5.99

- 12 shades available

- "soft touch" applicator

I’ll start off by saying I LOVE the applicator brush, it’s so nifty!

I received a nude shade, which gives off a very natural look. Great for someone who doesn’t like bold colors (I like bold). Sadly however it doesn’t really hold up, I would have applied it around 8AM and by 9:30AM it had worn off, I hadn’t eaten or drank anything after applying it so it’s really not a lasting lipstick. This I would not purchase again.

Wearing Covergirl's Katy Kat Eye Eyeliner, Covergirl's Total Tease Mascara, Covergirl Vitalist Elixir foundation and Covergirl Melting Pout Liquid lipstick.

Wearing Covergirl's Katy Kat Eye Eyeliner, Covergirl's Total Tease Mascara, Covergirl Vitalist Elixir foundation and Covergirl Melting Pout Liquid lipstick.

Review: Covergirl Total Tease Mascara and Katy Kat Eye Eyeliner

I received another VoxBox from Influenster! It's a great way to try out new products and talk about new trends and opportunities!


Total Tease Mascara

Katy Kat Eye Liner

Just so you all know...I received these product(s) complimentary to test and review for, free however the opinions are my own. 

Total Tease Mascara

I will admit I was planning on being very critical due to past "not so great" experiences with CoverGirl. (I think they are the cheapest makeup going) But I have to admit I enjoyed the total tease mascara! The options on the brush were fun to play with and they made my eyelashes look nice and big. This is probably the best experience I've ever had with CoverGirl. Don't get me wrong, if you're just starting out with makeup CoverGirl is great to get your feet wet, but you'll never look in the mirror and feel satisfied with the results.

Five Stars was given on the Influenster website... after it finally accepted my review.... Took 3 tries. I think it mainly had to do with my copying and pasting the information from HERE and there was suspicion over if I was posting original content... Annoying... But anyways I digress.

Katy Kat Eyeliner

This eyeliner was.. Eh, what you'd expect from CoverGirl... I prefer a dark black liner and this one being a pencil was not overly bold and a light black/ almost grey color. The sparkles are nice though. I wouldn't buy it myself, but someone who is perfecting the smokey eye look would enjoy this product I think, especially with the added sparkle to it.

To summarize- I can get behind the mascara. Eyeliner is a dud. Below is me wearing both the mascara and eyeliner.