corn free

Corn free and gluten free cupcakes

Looking back at the week it was incredibly eventful! Every Sunday morning at 8am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work.

I had a big project for a bride this week, she is allergic to corn and gluten. Gluten allergies seem to be pretty common these days  and i have a collection of full proof gluten free and flourless recipes, the challenge comes with the corn allergy... Corn is in everything in some way! I was recommend this recipe by Beach Body On Demand:  Flourless Brownie Muffins

This recipe which makes chocolate cupcakes using chickpeas as the base. The recipe is full of things I never use! The cupcakes came out looking great though, at a quick glance you'd never be able to tell the difference! 

The second challenge was the icing.. fun fact regular icing sugar is cut with corn starch BUT organic icing sugar used tapioca starch instead! 

The finished project is a tad plain (because sprinkles have flour in them) but it's a sweet bridal gown equipped with a "doctor who" blue belt.

I'm incredibly happy I was able to produce something sweet for this bride! Everyone deserves something tasty to celebrate their wedding!