Ketchup Cake

I had the honor of getting to make a really fun cake for my friend's kid's 4th birthday. All he wanted was a ketchup cake! You heard me.. A ketchup cake!

I had very strict instructions that it was not to be ketchup flavored simply shaped like a ketchup bottle.

I ended up using a wine bottle cake pan for the cake itself. I had bought this pan for my own birthday cake this past year and figured I'd never have a use for it every again!

My black forest wine bottle cake!

My black forest wine bottle cake!

I was actually thinking about selling it.. Glad I didn't as it worked perfectly! The pan itself is not quite as big as 2 8" cakes so with the leftover batter I also made a couple of cupcakes that made for great tomatoes.

The ketchup cake!

The ketchup cake!


I decided to mimic the President's Choice Ketchup bottle- as much as it was tempting to mimic the classic Heinz Bottle- I really wanted to showcase a Canadian product in my cake (even if the 4 year old has no idea) considering the exposure the cake would get and my strong stand on locally sourced products... It just seemed right.

Ketchup cake

I got some great feedback on my facebook page on this cake! 

Scott said: Thank you Nicole for this kick ass, amazing, non-ketchup made ketchup-cake you made for Ronan’s 4th Birthday cake. It was awesome and delicious

Judy said: Ronan loved his cake! Great job Nicole!

Kathryn said: Thank you Nicole, he loved it!

Angela said: Such a great idea for my kids next birthday lol

Natasha said: Love it it looks fantastic.

Colin said: I am really glad that cake wasn't actually ketchup flavored. Thanks.

50th Argyle Birthday Cake

Every Sunday morning at 8 am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work.

I don't have much to share this week due to going through a move (I hate moving) so I'm showcasing a great cake!

The instructions were... Something elegant, with nice colors... And THIS written on it!

Celebrating a 50th Birthday the right way

Who says your 50th should be a somber occasion. These ladies understood how to celebrate: with a couple of laughs. You have accomplished quite a bit at this point after all! It should be embraced with class and a little humor. This cake says it all with the crisp argyle pattern and very forward writing.



Checker board cake inside I was able to sneak into the establishment to take a look at the inside to make sure it worked out as it should... Nailed it!

checker inside.jpg

Aside from the writing I really loved this cake, it was the first time experimenting with argyle patterns and cutting the fondant to make the pattern. I hope to do something like this again.

An elegant birthday celebration

An elegant birthday celebration

Corn free and gluten free cupcakes

Looking back at the week it was incredibly eventful! Every Sunday morning at 8am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work.

I had a big project for a bride this week, she is allergic to corn and gluten. Gluten allergies seem to be pretty common these days  and i have a collection of full proof gluten free and flourless recipes, the challenge comes with the corn allergy... Corn is in everything in some way! I was recommend this recipe by Beach Body On Demand:  Flourless Brownie Muffins

This recipe which makes chocolate cupcakes using chickpeas as the base. The recipe is full of things I never use! The cupcakes came out looking great though, at a quick glance you'd never be able to tell the difference! 

The second challenge was the icing.. fun fact regular icing sugar is cut with corn starch BUT organic icing sugar used tapioca starch instead! 

The finished project is a tad plain (because sprinkles have flour in them) but it's a sweet bridal gown equipped with a "doctor who" blue belt.

I'm incredibly happy I was able to produce something sweet for this bride! Everyone deserves something tasty to celebrate their wedding!



Rhubarb Loaf

Well I couldn't go the whole batch of rhubarb without a couple dessert recipes right!? We're coming close to the end of the collection now just a couple more recipes to go. Next up on the list is rhubarb cake! 

The trick I find to baking with rhubarb is making sure you have a little sweet with the natural tart. Soaking rhubarb in a bit of sugar before baking with it. It makes this local tart favorite into a candied delight!

Rhubarb Loaf