DIY Pot Holders

DIY Pot Holders.jpg

I've always grown up with hand made pot holders, I didn't know they could be bought at a store to be honest... So when mine started seeing better days I immediately started looking at the DIY approach.

DIY pot holders

Headed for my local fabric store (Atlantic Fabrics in Nova Scotia) and got some of that lovely filling that stops the hot goodies from burning my hands.

DIY Pot holders

One meter goes a long way- I doubled it up and I still managed to get 16 pot holders out of it. For the outside I had a lovely collection of fabrics. Best to use a cotton blend. Lastly I finished up the edged with some black bias tape to give it a sleek finish.

DIY potholder dimensions

The dimensions that I found worked best was 8”x8”


Step 1: Cut out your insulation into 8x8 inch squares, double up the squares.

Step 2: Cut out your desired fabric into 8x8 inch squares.

Step 3: Take some time to carefully pin the insulation and fabric together.

Step 4: Sew the center together, I chose a simple “X“ through the square.

Step 5: Finish the ends off with black bias tape.

Step 6: Go take something hot out of the oven, you’re done!

DIY pot holders