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Cookie Monster Cake

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When a close friend's birthday comes around it's always a great time to experiment with a new cake idea!

How to make a cookie monster cake

I wanted something that would be decadent and memorable so I went with this vanilla cake with chocolate chip cookie dough!

Watch below to enjoy the decorating. I learned a few things with this experiment- mainly that spreading cookie dough is noooot easy at all!

My friends birthdays is a great time to experiment with new cakes! Vanilla cake filled with cookie dough.

I also took the time to make the chocolate chip cookies as well to give it a little extra homemade charm. Nothing beats my recipe! Oreo's however if course were store bought.


Disclaimer: I did use my regular cookie dough recipe for the filling which means there was raw eggs since I was making it for myself and some close friends AND it was kept refrigerated until it was served I did not worry too much about the raw eggs in the dough.

For any clients I would NOT use a cookie dough that included raw eggs to avoid any risk of salmonella.

Below is my recipe for my favorite chocolate chip cookies (the ones that contain the eggs)

Chocolate Chip Cookies