Review: Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Perfume

I was lucky enough to receive Kat Von D's new exclusive perfumes for free to review from Influenster! If you want to get the opportunity to review free stuff as well just click here. It's a lot of fun and you get a ton of insight over the newest products in beauty, food and more!


The saint scent is fresh and subtle... almost innocent? This was nice enough for everyday use without having to worry about being over bearing on smell. This definitely isn't your grandmother's perfume.








Now THIS is definitely not your grandmother's perfume. Sinner is bold and almost spicy like the cinnamon hearts you get at Valentine's Day.

The scent of sinner reminds you immediately of a promiscuous evening out wearing a little black dress and red hot lipstick.






The Verdict

Both are quality scents, I've worked in places that sold knock off eau du parfums (for $7) and they were the nastiest smelling bottle of chemicals my nose had every experienced. These were both appealing and worth their retail prices but my favorite was definitely Saint. It's relaxing scent is perfect for my everyday use.