Zero Waste Renovating: Removing Wallpaper

I’m going to start off by saying I. Hate, Wallpaper.


Why someone thought it was a good idea to completely cover your walls with weird textured paper that curls at the end and is an absolute nightmare to remove is beyond me.

This room was also equipped with matching shag carpet as you can see… The 70’s were a crazy time let me tell you.

Below you will find the before pictures and a few I snapped while struggling to get that awful paper off the walls.


There’s no “easy” solution to getting it off your walls aside from some good old fashioned blood sweat and tears…. And some more vinegar, hot water and dawn dish soap for those hard to peel strips.

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle, SOAK that wall and the edges of the tough paper patches. Let it sit for a couple of minutes (reply to an email and it’ll be ready) grab a small scraper and go to town! Keep repeating until that sloppy mess is all over the floor.

There are solutions you can purchase and kits to help but I’ve tried them all throughout the years (the curse of buying old homes) and the method that works the best, is the most affordable AND is consumption conscious is the method I use above.

I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’ve filled more garbage bags in the past 2 days with wallpaper than I have in the past month with my own personal consumption… But I’m 99% sure this sticky paper will not be accepted as recycling… And it had to go. (Just wait until you see the kitchen)

Below is the after shots. Originally the prior homeowners used this room as a formal dining room. Alas I have no use for a formal dining room along with the casual dining room and a breakfast nook… So this room is becoming a home gym to continue to inspire me to be active.