Ultimate Camping List

Every Sunday morning at 8am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work. Full disclosure... I don't camp. So this list is largely things I knew I couldn't live without for 2 nights.

Here is my list for an Ultimate Glamping experience! With this one I'd really love to get any feedback and other things to add to this list! How do you make your camping experience more manageable??


Toilet paper, Water Jugs, Lawn Chairs, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Cooler, Flashlight, Cups, Baby wipes, Blankets, Pillows, Paper Towel, First Aid Kit, Hand Sanitizer, Garbage bags, Pads/ Tampons for the ladies.

Camping Classics

Adult liquids, Citronella Candle, Sticks for roasting


Hammer, Nails, Batteries, Pliers, Duct Tape

Glamping Time!

Phone Chargers, Extension Cord, Power Bar, Bluetooth speaker, Hand-held gaming system, Clothes hanger, Clothes pins, Sheet Set, BYO- Bed (it gets you off the ground it's amazing)


Tinfoil, Hot dogs & Buns, Granola Bars/ Snacks, Blueberries/ Blackberries, Snow peas, Corn on the cob, S'mores Stuff, Butter, Salt and Pepper, Condiments ,Plates & Cutlery


Towels, Bathing Suit, Water Socks, Onesie, Underwear (and extra), Socks, Hoodie/ Sweater, Tank Tops, Jeans, Shorts/ Leggings, Sandals, Sneakers.

Along with this list I come with some advice:

  • Make sure if you're tenting to get a tent that you can stand up in, there is something incredibly comfortable about being able to walk into your space without crouching.
  • The baby wipes give you a little bit of relief if there's no shower. If it's possible, bring lake safe shampoo to allow yourself to wash up (it brings so much sanity)
  • If there's rain in the forecast, store as much as you can in your vehicle and DEFINITELY get yourself an elevated bed.


I also want to feature a cake this week that fits this theme very well. A S'Mores cake!