American War

Review: American War By Omar El Akkad

Finally got some time to enjoy a new book on the porch. My hectic life doesn't always leave time for these sorts of things so when I do find the time it's a really good feeling.

I picked up American War by Omar El Akkad.

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The story starts in the 2070's after the second American Civil War, the North and South are once again divided by their beliefs. The story focused on a southern family and their mission to make a life for themselves midst the chaos.

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I loved the base of this story because it's a realistic vision of what our world could look like in 50-60 years. Waters have risen, coasts have disappeared... The US map in this book looks quite different than the one we know today and the country is divided over fuel. The North is embracing solar power and the South is gripping to fossil fuels. With all the issues that plague the United States in our modern era I appreciated the realistic choice for the conflict.

American War

I will warn you: this story isn't for the faint of heart. Throughout the whole book although you are focused on the southern protagonist Sarat and her ventures I found myself questioning choices since I am a fan of renewable energy and preventing the global warming that plagued the US coastlines in this book. 

However, it is evident that the southern characters are being .. "bullied" so as a Canadian reader at least; I flip flopped with my feelings of what's right.

American War

The author of this book is a former journalist who has seen the real effects of war, which I credit the realistic story line to. This story is real, don't read it before bed because it's very real. You learn to love each character even if you don't love their desperate choices during a long dawn out war.

American War

I highly recommend this book. Its a real (although fictional) story of the depressing human nature that neglects putting differences aside and being human first. I hope with more stories like this we will be less inclined to make the same mistakes.