Weight loss

Lifestyle Change: progress report 2

So probably the most deterring thing about this journey so far is the lack of weight loss, thankfully I can see physical signs of improvement, I have significantly more energy in my day and I look forward to daily activity. I can also see the tummy shrinking and my legs seem a bit more firm. The 45 minutes of activity at least 5 days per week has proved to be more of a challenge so I plan to continue to work towards that goal until I become more consistent. I also feel it may be time to tone those soft spots! I have looked into some resources and plan to create a workout routine that will work for my soft curvy body. 

Progress selfie!

My fitbit was acting up this week and it took me a bit to get it working again, the wristband was still tracking but not syncing properly... So Sadly no screenshots this week but it's the beginning of a new week! I'm looking forward to the challenge this week since there's some rain in the forecast- I'll get some good one-on-one time with my exercise bike!

Lifestyle Change

I've always been proud of my love of food. I come from a strong professional background and it's without a doubt that I'm considered a foodie. However now with my new found success it's come with a lot of sitting at a desk while in the past I'd be on my feet for multiple hours at a time. This has started taking a toll on my poor body and giving my busy schedule it didn't take long for things to get out of hand.... While filling out some paperwork for life insurance I realized that I was about 10 pounds away from being considered "overweight" for my height which was a harsh reality that I'd really did a number for myself. 

The busy lifestyle comes with a lot of eating on the go of course which is a factor in my weight gain along with hours of sitting at a desk and of course the worst of all SNACKING ... on everything bad for you! Haha SO now that I'd found the reasons I had to make a plan to combat it.

I am terrible for saying "I don't have time to work out I have to do ....." or "I'm just too busy today, I'll get back on track tomorrow..." it's all fun and dandy once in awhile but when it's happening daily you have a problem!

I have watched many friends and coworkers try various diets and weight loss techniques and I've seen almost all of them fail... Those trendy diets (in my experience) just lead to a little loss and then when you stop the diet you gain more than you initially lost... This was really not a road I wanted to go down as well... The people I've seen that have been successful have gone with the simple theories; burn more than you consume. A healthy lifestyle and smart meal planning (and maintaining it as a lifestyle NOT a diet) seems to be by far the most effective way to be the person you want to be in the mirror.

I know it's so simple so why don't we all do it? Because burgers are delicious that's why! Discipline is going to be the biggest challenge for me I know because I can justify pretty much aaaannythhiiiiing if it tastes delicious... Or if I'm in a rush.... Or if it's the weekend... Oh god this is going to be hard haha.

To help the adventure I have a pretty purple fitbit that yells at me if I've been sitting for too long, and a promise to myself that I will make this a priority which means of course putting a couple other things on the back burner so I don't have an excuse. This was also a difficult realization because that means I need to take time away from growing my business by dropping ads and controlling how much work I take on, as heart breaking as it was, this was important enough to make it worth it.

Fitbit Charger 2 selfie

Now for the part I've been dreading... The before photo... Oh god so giggly... So soft... 


I am grateful that I didn't go too far down the rabbit hole before realizing I needed to make a change, I know there are women out there that are in much worse shape than I when it comes to rebuilding the body you want. I also have the benefit of never having children.... Yeeep all those stretch marks I did with poutine!!

So I've been yammering off for awhile now I guess it's time to make the plan. 

1. Calories In VS Calories Out: As much as it's annoying I am going to watch the food that goes into my body to better understand exactly how many calories I am consuming on the daily.

2. Activity: Watching my menu is nothing without a little burning. At minimum I want to do 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week.

3. Cheat Day: I love food. I love flavor. I will not deny myself a good meal at my parent's on the weekend.

4. Be smart: Again, I love food... I love bread and I love cheese. I don't want to ELIMINATE anything my goal is to moderate it. I will be smart and allow a modest amount of everything that I love. I'm lucky because I don't crave an excessive amount of grease (like chicken wings etc) so this can work for me. This part of the plan may not work for everyone.

I hope you will join me on my adventure. The plan is to report back on Sunday mornings to see how the week went.

Wish me luck!!