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5 Great Gifts for the Doctor Who Fan

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NERD ALERT I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and with it's new found fame the last few years finding merchandise to support the fandom is not hard to find. I remember before the internet was a big shopping hub and being a nerd wasn't nearly as embraced as it is today it was always hard to find merch for your favorite character. How it's a job to go through all the options available! I prefer having functional fandom in my home, things I can use everyday to show off my obsessions.

Great gifts for the doctor who fan

Below is 5 great items for the Doctor Who fan:

1) Doctor Who Tardis Mug: Great for a cup of tea or whatever warm liquids feed your soul.

2) Tardis Backpack: Going on adventures becomes so much more fun with this tardis backpack! Pack up your sonic screwdriver or sunglasses whichever is your preference and the rest is history!


3) Doctor Who Ice Mold: Choose from the Tardis or a Dalek for your refreshments. These are nice big ice cubes that are great for any refreshment.

4) Doctor Who Colouring Book: The colouring trend is still in full force! You can enjoy your favorite characters as you de-stress from the day.

5) Doctor Who Party Supplies: Use it on a special occasion or just all the time!

There we have it. 5 nerdy yet functional items to buy of the obsessed Doctor who lover in the family!