Review: Nutro Wholesome Essentials Cat Food

I received the opportunity to get a full bag of Nurto Wholesome Essential cat food for my girls to try. Although I received the bag for free, the following review is an honest opinion on the brand.


I applaud the fact that chicken was the #1 ingredient and it appears they have removed a lot of the garbage that can be found in mainstream cat foods. My girls can be pick eaters at time, and prior attempts to get them off the “junk food” brands have failed so I was curious to see how they would like the biscuits.

I probably wasn’t the best to take on this food for testing due to the fact that both my cats have vet grade food that I couldn’t just simply eliminate from their diet, so I was adding this bowl to the collection of food that was already at their disposal….


Overall, however, the food went over very well! Even with an overwhelming amount of choices on the floor, it was still eaten rather quickly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the shape of the food due to a slight comparison to .. maggots … but that was fine, in the end the cats don’t care.

I would recommend this cat food to anyone looking to be able to read and pronounce all the ingredients in their cat’s food. I sadly won’t be making this a regular purchase, again due to one cat having dirty teeth and the other having issues with UTI’s HOWEVER they did enjoy it, and we ever get to a place where those issues are managed- I will definitely consider this brand.