Lifestyle Change: progress report 2

So probably the most deterring thing about this journey so far is the lack of weight loss, thankfully I can see physical signs of improvement, I have significantly more energy in my day and I look forward to daily activity. I can also see the tummy shrinking and my legs seem a bit more firm. The 45 minutes of activity at least 5 days per week has proved to be more of a challenge so I plan to continue to work towards that goal until I become more consistent. I also feel it may be time to tone those soft spots! I have looked into some resources and plan to create a workout routine that will work for my soft curvy body. 

Progress selfie!

My fitbit was acting up this week and it took me a bit to get it working again, the wristband was still tracking but not syncing properly... So Sadly no screenshots this week but it's the beginning of a new week! I'm looking forward to the challenge this week since there's some rain in the forecast- I'll get some good one-on-one time with my exercise bike!

Lifestyle Change: Progress Report 1

The biggest challenge I've found in the past 2 weeks has simply been remembering to record food and water consumption. When going through my busy day I can go hours and a couple of water refills before realizing I have no idea how much water I've actually consumed today!

What I've found easy however is keeping up my active minutes. Since I sit for most of my day I haven't focused so much on steps and more on daily activity. Started off simple- 30 minutes a day, so easily killed it on my hour lunch break daily. Check it out!!

FitBit activity tracker

I have a great exercise bike that makes those rainy days easier. Anytime I know I won't make it outside I take advantage of my great setup.

FitBit Activity Tracker

I'm happy with how easy consistent activity has been once I put my mind to it! The goal was 30 minutes 5 days per week and I crushed it! I am looking forward to challenging myself in the next coming weeks to more minutes per day, the goal will still be 5 days per week but I want to increase the time to 45 minutes per day.

I am so happy about the purchase of my Fitbit Charger 2, with being able to rate my sleep, steps and other activities it has been an incredible help in encouraging me to work out. If you are interested in purchasing one the link can be found above! (I may receive a small commission if you purchase the fitbit through my link.

4 pounds down so far, wish me luck!!