Wedding Donuts

One of my brides this year wanted to do something a little bit different. She wanted donuts for her wedding day. I am always up for a new challenge so I was happy to accept!

Since I don’t normally bake donuts myself I ordered them from a local bakery in bulk and just took on the decorating and display. I was incredibly happy with this choice. The donuts were consistent and took to the icing quite well and due to their stickier nature I was able to transport them right on the stand.

Wedding Donuts

The recipe I used for the glaze was simple- icing sugar and milk. I combined those 2 ingredients together until I got the thickness I needed to dip them. I was hoping for a dark burgundy for some of them, unfortunately the icing didn’t really take to the colouring… But I was still happy with the overall look of the display!

Wedding Donuts

To keep some dessert tradition in place for this event we also did a “donut” cake for cutting. I matched it to the pink/burgundy donuts and garnished it with some silk roses.

"donut" cake for cutting

I’m hopeful this dessert choice will trend as it was so much fun! I’m personally not a big sweets person (to eat) but if I showed up at a wedding that had donuts I’d be thrilled!

Friends Cupcakes

I got the honor to do a batch of FRIENDS inspired cupcakes!

These were for a bachelorette party which was a nice change of pace from doing * ahem * body part cakes for these sort of events.

This post contains affiliate links for some of my favorite products.

FRIENDS inspired cupcakes

We went with some awesome quotes- my favorites were “PIVOT” and “It’s the humidity!”. I am a huge FRIENDS fan and the Pivot episode is easily my favorite, I still die of laughter every time I watch it.

The humidity quote spoke to me, not only because I have the same issue as Monica when it comes to my hair, but making these cupcakes was in a classic Nova Scotia humid summer.

FRIENDS cupcakes

Below is a few items I used to make the cupcakes.

Pizza Cake

One of my best friend's birthday just went by, so I got to make him a cake to celebrate! We chose a pizza inspired cake as it's his favorite food.

This post contains affiliate links for some of my favorite products.


It's a 10" chocolate cake with a nice "bread" or crust coloured icing. To get the cheese to look real I stuck a chunk of fondant through a cheese grater. Overall this was an easy cake to make, I am very pleased with how it turned out. It was a perfect addition to our celebrations! 

Racap: Wedding Season 2018

Now that it’s officially fall it brings “wedding season” to an end. Sure there’s always a few straggler fall and winter weddings but there’s no doubt that the season is summer.

Looking back at this season, it was my busiest yet and by far the most challenging! I took on new ideas and experimented with lots of different techniques. I am incredibly pleased with every cake that came out of my kitchen.

Succulent wedding cake

My largest project this season was without a doubt the couple who wanted an individual cake on each guest table. They had a 2 tiered cake for themselves and the wedding party and ten (10) individual cakes to pass out. I found it funny that their wedding planner had no idea their intentions for the dessert so when I showed up with the load she was very surprised! Needless to say she was a great planner and was quick on her feet to arrange a plan.

Individual wedding party cakes
Donut tower

The most unique wedding I did was these delicious donuts! To keep consistency I ordered the donuts from a local bakery and decorated them to match the wedding colours. For the bride and groom to cut I had a bundt style cake that matched the donuts.

Donut cake

My last cake of the season was by far my favorite. But there was no competition really since it was for one of my best friends. She wanted carrot cake with cream cheese icing and although I’ve been known to compare cream cheese icing to translucent sludge I was definitely able to accommodate to her request.

Carrot cupcakes

The wedding was very intimate and matched the couple’s personality perfectly. I was so honored to be a part of their special day. My phone is full of smiling faces from that evening. It was perfect.

I am starting to book for next year now, getting pricing sorted out for the new year. I am very excited to see what 2019 couples will bring to the table!

Ketchup Cake

I had the honor of getting to make a really fun cake for my friend's kid's 4th birthday. All he wanted was a ketchup cake! You heard me.. A ketchup cake!

I had very strict instructions that it was not to be ketchup flavored simply shaped like a ketchup bottle.

I ended up using a wine bottle cake pan for the cake itself. I had bought this pan for my own birthday cake this past year and figured I'd never have a use for it every again!

My black forest wine bottle cake!

My black forest wine bottle cake!

I was actually thinking about selling it.. Glad I didn't as it worked perfectly! The pan itself is not quite as big as 2 8" cakes so with the leftover batter I also made a couple of cupcakes that made for great tomatoes.

The ketchup cake!

The ketchup cake!


I decided to mimic the President's Choice Ketchup bottle- as much as it was tempting to mimic the classic Heinz Bottle- I really wanted to showcase a Canadian product in my cake (even if the 4 year old has no idea) considering the exposure the cake would get and my strong stand on locally sourced products... It just seemed right.

Ketchup cake

I got some great feedback on my facebook page on this cake! 

Scott said: Thank you Nicole for this kick ass, amazing, non-ketchup made ketchup-cake you made for Ronan’s 4th Birthday cake. It was awesome and delicious

Judy said: Ronan loved his cake! Great job Nicole!

Kathryn said: Thank you Nicole, he loved it!

Angela said: Such a great idea for my kids next birthday lol

Natasha said: Love it it looks fantastic.

Colin said: I am really glad that cake wasn't actually ketchup flavored. Thanks.

Cookie Monster Cake

On Sunday morning at 8 am I recap the week, share what I learned and showcase some of my work!

When a close friend's birthday comes around it's always a great time to experiment with a new cake idea!

How to make a cookie monster cake

I wanted something that would be decadent and memorable so I went with this vanilla cake with chocolate chip cookie dough!

Watch below to enjoy the decorating. I learned a few things with this experiment- mainly that spreading cookie dough is noooot easy at all!

My friends birthdays is a great time to experiment with new cakes! Vanilla cake filled with cookie dough.

I also took the time to make the chocolate chip cookies as well to give it a little extra homemade charm. Nothing beats my recipe! Oreo's however if course were store bought.


Disclaimer: I did use my regular cookie dough recipe for the filling which means there was raw eggs since I was making it for myself and some close friends AND it was kept refrigerated until it was served I did not worry too much about the raw eggs in the dough.

For any clients I would NOT use a cookie dough that included raw eggs to avoid any risk of salmonella.

Below is my recipe for my favorite chocolate chip cookies (the ones that contain the eggs)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Basket of Raspberry Cake

A piece I am quite fond of. There's a story behind this raspberry birthday cake. The beloved birthday girl was born in a raspberry field! She was so eager to arrive there was no time to waste to get to a hospital. So every year on her birthday they celebrate with a raspberry cake.

IMG_1942 - Copy.JPG


I was so honored to be able to make this. It feels to be a very important tradition in the client's family. So I put a twist on the favorite and made the cake into a little basket! Chocolate cake on the inside with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries between the layers. Surrounded with wafers and held together with a little bow.

This is.. Most definitely one of my favorite creations to date. My only peeve with it is raspberries seem to not last very long once they've been harvested the trick seems to me to keep it good and cool and made sure the clients enjoyed it right away. It was a success all around!

Rosette Cakes

Spring celebrations have finally arrived and it's now time to bring out the amazing colors! Along with these fun rosette cakes.

What better way to enjoy the fresh scents of spring than with a simple yet perfectly piped rosette cake.

First one to show off is a fading purple piece:

This beauty is a chocolate cake filled with a Nutella icing and then topped with the rosettes in fading shades of purple.

I am in love with the pastel colors this time of year! It's such a soft look.

The finished product

The finished product

You can view me making the cake below!


Making the nutella rosette cake! Music:

My client was nice enough to send me a picture of the finished product with their cake topper!

My client was nice enough to send me a picture of the finished product with their cake topper!

Next on the list is this burgundy beauty:

I love this colour! Although traditionally more of a fall colour it seems to have grown it's own personality and it's own unique following. At least as it's fading up top it has a sweet pastel pink that brings out those spring vibes!


The purple still takes the cake in my books for spring colours.. Just look at that thing!

Purple rosettes

This beautiful technique can also be transferred from a little birthday cake to a stunning and elegant wedding or other occasion! Below is a cake that grew above and beyond your 1 tier birthday cake.


Give it a shot yourself, it's a simple way to make a big impact on a celebration! Just about getting your piping technique down and you'll be set.